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How to install an Adjustable Door Threshold Sill 

Learn how to replace your adjustable door threshold sill for an exterior inswing door in just minutes!

Ice on Bottom of Freezer Repair! Samsung Fridge & Freezer on a  Samsung RS261MDRS

Fix the problem of ice building on the bottom of your freezer with this simple instructional video!

Bathtub Drain and Overflow Plate Removal and Replacement 

Learn how you can remove and replace your bathtub drain and overflow plate!

Sliding Screen Door Track Rail Replacement

Got a track for a sliding door that doesn't work properly. I will show you how to remove the old track and put in a new aluminum track. 

How to Repair Broken Sandal Strap

Watch how to repair your broken sandal strap. I use some gorilla glue to fix this issue! 

Super Loud Bathroom Fan Vent... Is it Broken?

Got a super loud bathroom fan vent, can it be fixed? Yes! Often you can follow these simple instructions to fix it yourself!

Review: DeWalt Inflator DCC020I

Check to see if this inflator would be a good purchase for you. We will be inflating tires with this produce!

How to Clean Delta Tub Globe Faucet Valve in Minutes

Ever had a really dirty globe faucet valve? In this video, you will find out how to clean it a few tools and soapy water!

DYI How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Find out how to easily make a raise garden bed for flowers or vegetables and fruits!

How to Fix a Broken Ethernet Cable Cat6 with a Crimp RJ45 Connector Pass-Through w/ TEST. 

Ever had a wire break on your ethernet cable? With this quick tutorial.

How to Replace a Screen Door Slow Closer

Learn how to remove and replace a screen door closer in just a few steps that you can do yourself!

How to Replace a Light Switch 

Find out how to replace a lamp light switch on this older lamp. 

Fix a Running Kohler Toilet Leaking Canister Seal

Learn how to fix the canister seal in your toilet in this video. This is a complete guide from start to finish.

Installing LED Flood Lights on a Riding Mower - Husqvarna

Learn how to install LED lights on Husqvarna LTH 130 riding mower. I used some unused car LED lights for this project.

Water Filter Replacement for Samsung Fridge & Freezer - Samsung RS261MDRS

Fix the problem of your expired water filter with this simple instructional video and only using a few tools! You will learn how to replace the filter and rest the light!

Cyber Power Blue Light Blinking on Battery Backup 1500va- Fix Battery Replacement

How to fix a blinking blue light on a Battery Backup Cyber Power 1500va

How to Install NuCORE Luxury Vinyl Planking Flooring in Hallway & Stair Nose 

Learn how you can install NuCORE Luxury Vinyl Planking in your Hallway & on Stair Nose from Floor & Decor.

MTD Yardman Snow Blower 21" Oil Change & Spark Plug

Learn how to change the oil and replace a spark plug in your 21-inch MTD Yardman Snowblower.

Return Register Booster Added to Bedroom for Better Return of Air

o you have a room in your house where the return register is not adequately drawing back air? Then this video is for you.

How to Plastic Weld - The Basics

Learn how to repair any plastic piece that is broken by Plastic Welding it! Use these simple techniques to weld together your plastic!

Heating Garage w/ Mr Heater Buddy Portable - How much temperature change in 1 hour?

Find out how much your garage could increase in temperature with Mr. Heater Buddy Portable propane heater.

How to Replace Burner Tube on Bryant Furnace & Clean Burners 

Learn how to replace burner tubes and clean burners in a Bryant 60,000 BTU furnace.

How to Fix a Plastic Handle That is Broken

Learn how to fix a broken plastic handle in this video. All of the tools, supplies, and techniques are described to make that broken handle come alive and be useful again!

How to Replace an Electric Hot Water Heate

Find out how to change your electrical hot water heater to a new one. This works on many different makes and models of hot water heaters.

How to Install LED Recessed Light in Bathroom Shower

Find out how to install a recessed bathroom LED light over your shower. I will walk you through all of the steps!

How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring!

Find out how to change your van's wiper blades quickly and easily yourself in the video using a 24 inch and 26 inch wiper blades! 

How to Replace Maytag Washing Machine Belts 211124 & 211125 - Model # LAT9356AAE

Find out how to install new belts on your Maytag Washing Machine! This should work on Whirlpool, Maytag, & Jenn-Air.

How to Replace Dewalt 5in Orbital Sander Pad DW4388 - D26450, D26451, D26451K, D26453K, D26456

Learn how to replace your 5in Dewalt Orbital Palm Sander Pad. I will go through all of the tools and supplies to replace your pad.

How to Fix A Leaking Spigot Woodford

Fix your leaking spigot with this quick fix that you can do in minutes with the Woodford RK-17 MH Repair Kit -

DYI How to Build a Wheel Chair Ramp that’s Removable

Learn how to make a removable Wheel Chair Ramp with only a few tools and supplies. This is able to removed at any time for convience. 

How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door Mortise Lock

Learn how to replace a sliding glass door's mortise lock. I'll remove the old and put in a new mortise lock! 

Garage Door Not Going Down? Check out this super easy fix!

Here's an easy fix on my Genie Excelerator (1/2 HP Model ISD 995) with a 5 blinking light code. This repair is pretty easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes!

How to repair Bathroom Exhaust Fan Light that's not working. 

Learn how to fix your bathroom exhaust fan/vent light that won't work. The light does not turn on and it's not the bulb.

How to Replace Bathroom Fan Motor - Nutone Broan

Learn how to replace your Nutone-Broan Fan Motor with a Broan BP27 motor. 

How to Replace Smoke Detector Alarm

Learn how to easily change out your smoke detector alarm. I'll go through all of the steps to complete this project! 

DYI How to Build a Handrail

Learn how to build a handrail. This one was built from the inside of the house to a garage. 

Make Your Own Floating Sifter for Sand & Dirt to find Fossils, Shark & Megalodon Teeth, & Much More!

Find out how to make your own floating sifter for sand, dirt, and soil to find items!

How to Replace a Stihl Chainsaw Chain | MSA 161T

Learn how to easily change our your chainsaw chain!

Installing a New Smoke Detector Alarm without wiring

Find out how to replace add a new smoke detector with an alarm without hardwiring it!

How to Replace Screen on Window

This video describes how you can simply replace a torn screen for a window.

Husqvarna Drive Belt Falls Off FIX

Learn how to easily put back on your riding mower drive belt on a Husqvarna LTH130 tracker.

DIY Custom Kitchen Cabinet Pull Drawers

Learn how to transform your basic cabinets into pull drawer cabinets with just a few tools and supplies!

Broken French Drain 9in Catch Basin Drain FIXED!

Learn how to fix your french drain catch drain basin that got ran over by a riding mower. 

Door Not Locking When Closed - FIXED!!!

Learn how to adjust your door to make the locks work again! This was done a door that hd some issues with closing properly.

Towel Rack Falling Off? Permanent Fix!

Is your towel rack falling off all of the time? Then it's time to refasten it to the wall. This complete guide will show you all of the steps and tools to make this possible!

LED Christmas Lights Burned Out Bulbs on Icicle Lights?

Learn how to test and fix your burned-out LED Christmas lights on icicle-style lights! This simple tool uses a 9-volt battery to safely test and locate the burned-out bulbs.

How to Plastic Weld A Lawn Roller - FIXED!

Learn how to repair your leaking plastic lawn roller by Plastic Welding it! Use these simple techniques to stop the leak and get back to rolling your yard!

How to hook up a 20-gallon propane tank & start a Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Heater!

Learn how to set up a 20-gallon propane tank on your Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Heater and how to start your heater.

Mr Heater Buddy Portable Propane Heater- How to Start & Light!

Learn how to set up a 20-gallon propane tank on your Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Heater and how to start your heater.

How to Keep Outdoor Faucet From Freezing

Learn how to prevent outdoor faucets from FREEZING in WINTER. This is a cheap way to keep your outdoor faucet protected! This tip will help save your spigot from freezing.

How to Replace an Outdoor Electric Box

Find out how to change your outdoor electrical outlet to a clear swinging waterproof box. This works on a one gang box with multiple fittings.

How to Fix a Boat Ignition Plastic Switch Broken with a Plastic Weld - FIXED!

Learn how to repair any plastic piece that is broken by Plastic Welding it! Use these simple techniques to weld together your plastic!

How to Fix Carpenter Bee Drilling Damage in Wood at a House 

Learn how to repair a Carpenter Bee's Drilling Hole in Wood. This is a step-by-step guide on how you can fix this issue.

Install Kitchen Sink & Faucet - Kraus Pro Workstation | Moen Essie Pull-Down Faucet

Learn how you can change out your kitchen sink and faucet with this step-by-step guide.

How to Replace a Heating Element in a Maytag Centennial Dryer MEDC300XW0 

Find out how to install a heating element in a Maytag Centennial Dryer! Fix this issue yourself!

How to Clean & Replace Dyson D14 & D33 Filters

Learn how to replace and clean your Dyson filters for the DC14 and DC33.

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